Christmas Organizing
Tip 5-6 

We are making great progress with our Christmas Organizing and will continue with our 12 Organizing tips for Christmas on this page.

We are moving closer to Christmas (it's the beginning of December - if you follow this process chronologically) and it is now important to do two things; check you schedule and have a gift wrap station set up or ready to go.

Christmas Organizing – Tip 5 –
Plan your December

December is a busy month no matter whether we like it, agree with it or try to avoid the pull towards "end of year busyness" (over the years I have tried all options and no matter what I try there are more social events, more presents to buy and more commitments than any other month in the year).

Based on December being that much busier than any other month for most of us, I therefor recommend you plan your December really well – with a strong calendar based system covering what to do and when you have an opportunity to do it. To start our December Organizing, have a look at your calendar I have (after many years resisting going digital) a google calendar allowing me to check and update my schedule whilst I am on the run.

Calendar organizing, and management is a big topic in and of itself, but for this month if you can be specific in the time and days you are:

  • Shopping for presents
  • Wrapping presents
  • Cooking food
  • Having some down time
  • Socialize 
  • Decorate the house
  • Add any other specific Christmas events or customs applicable to your circumstances

It is important to be as specific about the day and time you shop for gifts as it is for the day and time you cook the food. If you don’t, you run out of time and it becomes this mad rush which as aspiring organizers we don’t want to participate in ;-)

Christmas Organizing Tip 6 –
Set up a gift wrapping station

If you followed along with our earlier tips, your mail has already been completed and you now can focus on buying presents and wrapping them. If you create a little station or at a minimum have all the things on hand for an evening or afternoon of wrapping gifts. Then life will simply be more organized and the whole process will feel nicer.

To set up your Christmas gift wrapping station you don’t even need that much, this is what I recommend you have:

  • Scissor (a good quality one - that cuts easily through the paper)
  • Tape dispenser – a solid one that doesn’t move when you pull the tape
  • At least 2 or 3 roles of wrapping paper (you can mix and match them for a extra festive look and feel)
  • Black marker for names


  • Some ribbons or twine
  • Name cards

Having these basic things ready to go means your Christmas Organizing takes on a new dimension. I find it easier to feel the joy of giving and the spirit of Christmas when I do things slow and steady and I have what I need at my fingertips.  Planning my December and setting up a packing station for my Christmas Organizing definitely helps.

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