7 tips to organize

The 7 tips to organize expands the earlier page called organize in 3 simple steps in which I mention the importance of looking after your food, laundry and finances. There is of course much more to organizing that three steps so here we go over some additional tips which will help you get organized. 

On this page we covered the importance in being organized with;

  1. Healthy food
  2. The Laundry
  3. Money

Let’s continue with four other tips;

The 7 tips to organize – tip 4 the kitchen

Your kitchen, if food is a priority then keeping your kitchen clean should be another priority. This place nourishes us like no other, so make it an important place to keep clean and organized. The kitchen area can be somewhat tricky as it is very easy to make a hotspot in the kitchen (an area were all random stuff collates) be mindful and try to keep mainly food items in the kitchen.

The 7 tips to organize – tip 5 the floors

Your floors, this could mean two things; 

  • if there is a lot of stuff, get things of the ground and start decluttering. 
  • If it is simply not clean, make sure you clean the floors using a good vacuum cleaner 

One of the tricks Professional Organizers use is getting “quick wins” clearing off floor space is a great psychological boost to our belief system. It reinforces, that we can get organized.

Having clean floors gives me a sense of space, freedom and freshness throughout the house which simply makes me feel much more organised and less visually stimulated. 

The 7 tips to organize – tip 6 the Bedroom

The Bedroom, is the space you rest in to regroup and prepare yourself for another day in the big demanding world out there. It is not uncommon for me to visit homes where mountains of stuff lay on the bed only to be moved a little to sleep in every night. When investing the time to get organized looking after the space where you rest is important. 

Be kind to yourself and reclaim your rest space! 

Start with your bed or the floor around your bed. A better night’s sleep means, you can achieve so much more in regards to organizing as well as to live in general.

The 7 tips to organize – tip 7 the Bathroom

The Bathroom is probably not priority number one, but seeing you will visit this space multiple times a day let’s make it clean and inviting. It is also another space where you relax, so keeping this clean and uncluttered is important. If you are keen……, here are some tips on cleaning the toilet.

As mentioned this list does not cover everything which goes with the concepts of being very organized, but it is a great start and once you have mastered all these areas in terms of organizing, it will mean you are at intermediate level. 

If you are still quite new to organizing, take it one step at a time. Every bit of progress is good.

Once you have all these 7 tips to organize down pat, I would expand this list with focusing on; paperwork, budgets and making sure you do some physical exercise to create a holistic approach to looking after yourself. 

Organizing works in this amazing way; whatever you do today, will have a ripple through effect on a whole range of other things in your life tomorrow. 


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