Declutter and Organize

The thought I need to declutter and organize my house strikes again! It is 5:45 pm, you are tired and are wadding past the mess in the hallway, as you walk through the entrance of your home. You haven’t decided what you will have for dinner. Talking about dinner you don’t know where to eat as your dining table is covered in clutter.

A quick walk further into the house shows your laundry is completely out of control, a bedroom is covered in books and clothes, the bathroom well at least you can still shower there. The home office is best left untouched - as are those unopened letters. Lastly the kitchen has a lot of things in its pantry, however - nothing to eat nor does your kitchen seem like a spot you can prepare a meal.

We dream about a perfectly organized home with no clutter in sight but find ourselves pondering.......

How can being organized and something as simple as letting go of things (declutter), be so hard?

How can competent, intelligent and successful people like you and me struggle so much with our possessions and ability to get stuff done at home?

To be honest; it really isn’t entirely our fault! We live in a society where obtaining material possessions is incredibly easy. On top of that we work hard, live busy lives and no one-one ever taught us how to declutter or how to be organized.

Am I ready to get organized?

If you regularly have a scenario as the one described above, play out in your life. You might have reached the point at which you have had enough of the clutter and are ready to get organized. 

Irrespective which level you are at, seeing you are visiting this website, let’s ask ourselves some questions:

•    What and why do I want to get organized? 
•    How should I get organized?
•    How should I declutter?
•    When will I know we have succeeded in our decluttering and organizing? (I mean there is only a small percentage of the population who’s house will be ready for a Vogue shot at a minute notice.)

Which level are you at?

If we were to divide levels of readiness to organize in three different levels. Where would you sit?

  1. I am happy to read and learn a bit about organizing (it’s like the arm chair         traveler it will brighten your life but not change it too much, nonetheless it will get you thinking and give you a feeling of what is possible).
  2. I am happy to start a number of changes now (any improvement will have a ripple effect in your life so this is great)
  3. I want to get organised and life a live to my full potential (this is rather scary as we have to ask some very hard questions and make some very tough choices).

No matter what level you find yourself you should be able to find some useful tips ideas and insights to make your days, your living and work spaces just that little bit sweeter and more organized.

Decluttering and Organizing

Over the years I have found that there are hundreds of systems, ideas and suggestions on how to organize and declutter our homes (as well as possibly our minds). We are all so different in the way we live, think and go about our lives.

As a Professional Organizer I have had the privilege to be part of clients live. I could help them to conquer clutter and organize themselves which in turn allowed for  new things in their lives. Professional Organizing however, is very labour intensive, it is relatively geographically bound and for some people it is a service which is beyond their financial capabilities....... There is of course training and workshops, which is something that I love to do. However training and private consultations as a professional organizer weren’t enough. There is so much material to cover in this area and thus the idea for this website was born.

I would like help with organizing and decluttering
but who are you and how can you help me?

Let me introduce myself briefly my name is Sabine. I am a working mother with two small children. I have a business as a professional organizer - this is a profession I have fallen into through a range of different life events.

Several years ago I reached a point were I had enough and I set upon decluttering and organizing my whole life.

It has been an amazing journey and it still is.

What can I expect from this website?

This website is here to help on your journey to a more organized live. It is meant as a great resource for people ready to declutter and get organized. We will talk about your home, your kitchen, laundry and the bathroom. We will discuss paperwork, meal planning, sorting your photos, looking at creating a budget and lots more as there are hundreds of things you can do and learn to become more organized.
Explore this website as its content grows and as you will work your way through different areas in your home.

Learning to declutter and getting organized is not something that happens overnight. It is a process whereby we learn new skills, develop new habits and achieve great results through small changes overtime.

If you are ready for change, begin to explore this site and start your journey to a clutter free and organized life!

Side Note: A challenge I came across in creating an international website is that I happen to have a profession and field of expertise which is spelled differently across the English speaking countries. See here my explanation about organizing the organised word on this website ;-)

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