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Organize Christmas gifts

How to organize Christmas gifts – note that gifts can come in many forms, shapes and sizes. This is our last page in the series of getting organized for Christmas.

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How to organize your Christmas

We are learning how to organize your Christmas, making great progress whilst preparing for the day.

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Christmas Organizing

We are making great progress with our Christmas Organizing and will continue with our 12 Organizing tips for Christmas on this page.

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secret to organizing

The real secret to organizing according to me is in a holistic perspective on organizing.

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Organizing tips for Christmas

In the spirit of Christmas I will give you the 12 Organizing tips for Christmas – may this be a time off less stress, less effort and with expenses that you’ve expected.

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Getting organized in the school holidays

Getting organized in the school holidays isn’t something that used to come naturally to me, after a few years with kids in primary, I have now got a few tricks up my sleeve.

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